3-day juice cleanse plan January 2015

I have just taken myself through a 3-day juice cleanse plan for this month. I complete one on a monthly basis and used the beginning of the month to complete the January one.

I thought it might be useful to include a list of everything I ate over the 3 days so you can get an idea of what I drink / eat.

3-day juice cleanse plan

Day One

7am: Hot water and lemon with half teaspoon of coconut oil

I add coconut oil to my first drink of the day and sometimes my last. I don’t always end with lemon. I prefer to end the day using fresh mint.

I have my 500ml cups and I drink two hot drinks before starting on my juicing. That usually passes at least 90 minutes if not two hours.

9am First juice on this 3-day juice cleanse plan is usually a green juice. This week I used the Parsley and Kale Green Juice.

In between my juices I drink water – either hot or cold. Because its winter I prefer the hot ones. Some people might prefer to have some flavour and I found green tea or some herbal teas help but I am okay with just plain water.

My aim is to drink 2 litres of water by mid-day, which is easy to do when you are juicing. It does help to kill hunger pangs too should I get them, which is not that often anymore.

11.30am Second green juice. I usually make 1 litre which is enough for two juices so I drink the second one now.

1pm Hot drink or water

2pm and 4.30pm – Another two juices. This time I had the red-devil juice with broccoli as I had used up all my kale yesterday.

I will have finished another litre of water by now. I have a Brita jug so I don’t have to buy bottled water.

My weight requires me to drink 4 litres. You need to check out how much water you need to drink a day for your weight. Use the HYDRATION calculator.

6.30pm Time to eat. Today I had a watercress, rocket and spinach salad. Sprinkled super sprouts over it and roasted sweet potato, mushrooms, beetroot (beet) and one carrot. Put that on top and ate it all. I love roasted carrot and sweet potato so it was yummy.

8.30 onwards. I drink another liter of water using hot water.

Today was a full plant day – both drinking and eating.

Day Two

Same routine as yesterday. I started day two of my 3-day juice cleanse with water and lemon

9am and 11.30am  Started the day with celery and cucumber juice with broccoli, ginger and pineapple. Drank two glasses of that.

Continued using water in between the juices in the same way as yesterday.

2pm and 4.30pm I used my beets and carrots to make my Red Devil Juice. Drank two glasses of that.

6.30pm I had some bolognese sitting in the fridge to eat. It is not something I would eat or recommend but I refuse to throw good food away so I ate it without pasta. Had roasted veg with it. When my son didn’t eat all of his I did eat some of his with pasta. Eating his leftovers is a habit that needs to go for 2015.

8.30 onwards made myself my mint tea made with fresh mint and drank warm water until bed.

During the day I drank 4 litres of water.

Not so much of a perfect day today but I had to eat it! Felt bloated and my stomach hurt a while after eating pasta. More evidence that I need to remove it from my healthy eating diet for now.

Day Three

Same routine as day one with the lemon and coconut oil in the morning.

9am and 11.30am Had another green juice to use up the final green vegetables in my fridge.

1 bag of celery, a cucumber, broccoli, lemon, ginger and pineapple. Drank that all morning.

In the afternoon I started using my carrots, beets (beetroot) and orange to drink at 2pm and 4.30pm

6.30pm  I used up more of my spinach and sweet potato to make a delicious recipe I found on the Deliciously Ella blog called Warm Sweet Potato, Mushroom, Spinach salad.

I didn’t have jalepeno peppers so I used a red onion and some cayenne pepper. I love garlic so I added some.

This is the sweet potato covered in cinnamon, salt, rapeseed oil (prefer it to olive) and paprika before going into the oven.

I am getting into the habit of having something “live” with my food so I added cilantro (coriander) and Super Sprouts.

I picked the Good4U Super Sprouts up at Tescos. It contains sprouted alfalfa, clover, radish and broccoli.

3-day juice cleanse plan weight loss result

I find whenever I lose weight on a juice cleanse that I carry out in this way it stays off. Or at least it has so far. Bare in mind my intention is to carry out this type of cleanse monthly – for LIFE.

Weight at start on 1st January 2015 was 19 stones 1 lb (267 lbs – 121 kilos)

Weight after three days (weighed on the morning of 4th Jan 2015) – 18 stones 8lbs (260 lbs – 117.93 kilos)

Total weight loss : 7 lbs in 3 days (while eating)

Very happy with that result.

I meant to go for a walk but didn’t end up doing that. I did walk a little but not  for 30 minutes. I did use my rebounder for around 5 minutes on day two – not brilliant exercise wise but I am tackling food first! I will improve the amount of exercise I do – I know it.

What will I do now during January?

I will continue to use intermittent fasting. I stop eating at 7pm and start at 11am, although increasingly I have pushed that more towards mid-day. So, a minimum 16 hour fast.

For the remaining three weeks I will eat a plant-based diet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. No meat, dairy, or wheat on those two days. The rest of the week I eat whatever I like. Whatever I happen to be cooking and whatever is in the house.

Thankfully, it is usually healthy and my choices are getting better.

Eventually I will take my part-time planted based diet and increase it to 3 days, then 4, until I eat this way every day.

Another juice cleanse coming up

I had this 3-day juice cleanse plan ready to go before signing up for the world’s biggest juice detox which takes place on the 5th January 2015, so I may end up completing another 3-days worth of vegetable juicing next week. Whether I follow his recipes or use my own remains to be seen.

I have NEVER juiced during the winter so doing this now has helped me break the pattern in which I believe it is just too cold to drink juice. I am so happy I have given myself that gift.

It truly feels like the sky is the limit right now.

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