I choose my choice

When I am confronted with an either or food situation or I am standing in front of the cooker making sausages, eggs and bacon for my youngest on a juicing day (like I was today), I have to remind myself of my choice.

My choice for health. For adding life affirming plant foods into my body. I remind myself I choose my choice.

When I am visiting family and they bring out the wine, order pizza and spend the evening eating snacks. While I might enjoy one or two bits at some point I must remind myself I choose my choice.

As I watch the 9pm film and halfway through my inner voice reminds me that the last time I ate was 5pm. That I love to have a snack as my favorite night time routine when a film is on. At those moments I have to remind myself I choose my choice.

I say it over and over again in my head or, sometimes because it is more effective, out loud.

I choose my choice

I choose my choice

My choice to look after my body without excuses.

My choice to reward myself with health rather than food.

It can all sound very boring. After all what good is life if we can’t enjoy eating the foods we want?

That was always the excuse that kept me fat.

It was the reason my choice at the time was to eat the unhealthy food full of saturated fat and enough of my daily calories contained in just half of it.

Food was my reward and as my health began to fail me I had to make another choice.

It had to be my choice, not for the short term, but forever.

No more diets I told myself. No more starting and then stopping.

No more focusing on a way of eating for a few months until I got sick of it, or if it wasn’t producing the results I wanted and I gave up.

The only thing I could do now was to choose a different way so that I could enjoy health.

It is not an easy path because there are temptations everywhere and memories associated with food that keep me wanting to return to my old ways.

i choose my choiceThere are many days that I do.

Add to that my carb addiction (yes that really is a thing…) which is much better now than it was 10 months ago, and it is easy to get tripped up.

Some days I give up trying to be healthy or fighting that inner carb addicted voice of mine and I give into my old temptations.

I let them happen and I learn from them and then I move on. It is the only way to be IMHO. No beating myself up. No guilt trips. Just eat it and move on. It is what it is.

I have promised myself that life will change and that my results will not be measured only by the scales; that my new way of eating will be a lifestyle change.

I have done my best to give up milk, cheese, yoghurt and pasta. Next I will give up bread and then start on meat, increasing the amount of fish and plant-foods I eat instead.

That is my choice and as often as I can, until it becomes my natural way to be, I choose my choice.

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