Live accordingly

Happy New Year to you. 2015 is here and I thought I would start the New Year with an observation of how I live and intend to keep living.

“You are a perishable item – live accordingly” – That was the quote I saw on Twitter recently.

I love it as a reminder that our body can perish just like our groceries if it is not taken care of, but coming from a metaphysical point of view I believe I am not perishable (my soul at least) and live on…

But that’s a whole nothing thing 🙂

Still, I loved it enough to make up my own. A reminder that we need to take care of ourselves, not just by eating right but by doing all the other things we have to do including sleeping right, meditation (if you’re into that kind of thing – and I am), exercise etc etc.

“Your physical body is a perishable item too – live accordingly”

– is what I first decided

and then I decided to own it

“My physical body is a perishable item – I choose to live accordingly”

What does it mean to live accordingly or live life accordingly?

Well the definition of the word accordingly is “in a proper or appropriate way : in a way that suits the facts, needs, or requirements of a situation” – so that means we should live life in a way that suits the facts, needs and requirements of a situation.

What are the requirements? To eat well, exercise, sleep well etc etc

To live accordingly means to live according to the facts that I already know about health and the new ones I learn every day.

If I continue to stuff my face with fast food despite knowing what my poor body has to go through to digest all of that junk, then I am not living accordingly. I am going against what I know.

It makes perfect sense to me to live life as if I could expire and go past my sell by date. If I want to remain fresh, just like my groceries, then they need looking after to stay fresh for longer.

Of course everything that lives must expire at some point but the longer in the distance that can be the better.

Setting my intention for 2015

I know this is the day of the year when New Year resolutions begin so I thought I would do something slightly different this year.

The only thing I will do is set my intention to live accordingly.

I am also going to stop talking about what I will do. There is too much of that going on, especially at the beginning of the year. I will only share results and tell you  what I HAVE done. What action I have taken and what results I continue to produce.

As life is perishable I want to live as much of it as I possibly can and I only want to share what I have lived.

Maybe it is an age thing. Getting close to 50 your goals change. Material things that seemed to matter once don’t as much. Making the most of time. Enjoying experiences. Those are the things that tend to matter more.

So, Happy New Year to you. Remember to live accordingly, whatever that means in your life and let’s see what wonderful things I can blog about outside of me and my bloody weight loss 🙂

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