Juicing recipes for weight loss

I have put together a PDF that contains a list of juicing recipes for weight loss. A few people have asked me for them, even though I have links to all my juicing recipes here.

Rather than make it one long PDF, and as it contains images it is a little large, I thought I would stop at ten.

Although I am now an advocate for healthy living and focusing on health rather than just weight loss I know most people searching are looking for an answer to their problem of being overweight and wondering if vegetable juicing can work for them.

All I can say is, after years of trying different things, it has worked for me and continues to work for me.

Here’s the link to the PDF


Vegetable Juicing for weight loss PDF
Vegetable Juicing for weight loss PDF


History Of Juicing

I added some information on the history of juicing.

When I refer to juicing I mean vegetable juicing. Extracting the juice from a range of vegetables, particularly green vegetables, and adding a piece of fruit to sweeten. It isn’t a fad. It has been around for years. Maybe it has become more poplar because of celebrities promoting it but the history of juicing belongs to:

Max Gerson: a German scientist who developed a therapy using raw juices and a vegetarian diet in the 1920s. Look up the Gerson Institute for information on the work they do.

Other people who promoted juicing for health:

Dr Norman Walker – 1936 – published a book on raw vegetable juicing

Dr Bernard Jensen – 1960 – Ran a health ranch. Dr Jensen promoted NUTRITION as the single most important aspect to be used in healing the body.

Jack Lalanne – 1970 – Exercise and Nutrition expert who promoted the power of juicing

Jay Kordich – 1989 – You can find Jay on YouTube. He has been promoting juicing since the 80s.

Diets no longer necessary

I was really inspired by a blog post I read today about a guy who lost 220 pounds ( ) without dieting. The images are amazing and it outlines 7 key things he did.

Number six – when he mentions that he detoxifies his body. He mentioned how much easier it was to shed the second 40 lbs compared to the first. Green juices were used as part of that process.

I think it goes a long way to realising that diets are a thing of the past and what is really important is healthy eating. You can read the whole article HERE.

Be ready for the long haul

I think ultimately that is my lesson of 2014 and I am so glad that I set my mindset on just that.

I don’t use vegetable juicing as a way to overcome my bad eating, as if it is a short-term fix to help out, I use it as an ongoing and lifetime method to help me stay healthy.

Now I have figured out how well vegetable juicing and intermittent fasting have worked for me I think I am ready to hit the veggie juice hard. Its time to get ready for a full 24-hour juice. Maybe even 48-hours – who knows.

I am feeling inspired now I have a juicing buddy and a great juicing group to hang out in.

I thank you for sharing my vegetable juicing for weight loss PDF via social media.

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