Life is too short to wait

I’ve been doing that waiting thing again and I had to remind myself that life is too short to wait.

I do this thing where I believe my life will be happier, better, somehow magically different when I have X.

X could be money, a man in my life, more clothes, less aggro, more business etc etc

Right now I am focused on less weight. My mind keeps telling me that life will be happier when I lose more weight. As if somehow being slim means having no challenges in life.

I had to remind myself that life is too short to wait to be happy.

The last time I had to remind myself of that was back in 2009, when shit was happening and my business was in the toilet. It hadn’t been flushed away completely but it wasn’t far off.
In all the turmoil I was able to laugh. Some new guy in my life. Long story. Suffice it to say, we laughed, and 3 months later when he wasn’t in my life I reminded myself that despite the turmoil I could be happy.

I still believe that was the beginning of my own personal economic recovery.

Life is too short to wait for FILL IN THE BLANK

Just about everything.

We have a finite amount of time. Being close to 50 in age reminds me of that, I feel as if I haven’t made best use of my first 48 years (although I will credit myself with having raised three wonderful, beautiful to look at children – kudos to me) and that somehow I can turn it around and make the next 60 (I am an optimistic realist) far more meaningful.

Life is too short to wait to travel

Life is too short to wait to be slim before being happy

The list could go on but it just seems like self-absorbed bullshit to be honest and you get what I mean now.

If you, like me, are waiting around for something be reminded that life is short and we can not be arrogant enough to believe we will all make it to old age. Shit happens and if the unthinkable and unfortunate should happen how happy would you be about what you have done so far with life?

Maybe together, you and I, can actually start living life more fully in 2015. What say you?

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