5 things you need to enjoy successful vegetable juicing

Do you have the mindset for successful vegetable juicing? If you’re just starting out or if you started and stopped, probably not, so let me share what I discovered.

These are five things I realized had changed in order to get through the hunger, make vegetable juicing a part of my life and to stop this on again, off again relationship I had with it.

1. I had to keep going when I didn’t want to

There were many times that I stood in my kitchen and I took out all the vegetables ready for juicing and all I really wanted to do is make a ham and cheese sandwich.

I had to ignore my craving for the sandwich (although now I remember EFT I would have used that) and sing.

That’s right.

Not out loud, but in my head. I sang as if my life depended on it (and to some extent my health did at least).

I sang my favorite song out loud. Sometimes a nursery rhyme. Sometimes pure gobbledegook.

The only way I could stop telling myself I didn’t want to do vegetable juicing. The only thing that stopped me from throwing my vegetables in the bin and smothering two slices of bread with butter, was a song.

And boy did I sing.

Singing interrupted my pattern.

It interrupted what I was negatively telling myself. I sang while I washed my vegetables, I sang while I chopped them and I sang while I juiced them. By the time I was half way through juicing I could stop singing because there was no going back at that point.

2. I had to learn to embrace the hunger

There is just no way around this one.

Firstly (to counteract all the smug smoothie makers who think they are best) you can drink as much vegetable juice as you like. There really is no need to go hungry, but mark my words it may just happen.

I know smoothies are more filling and that’s because you keep the fiber in a smoothie and you don’t when you juice. You can read my post on the difference between blending (smoothies) and juicing if you are interested.

However, nothing beats the feeling that vegetable juice provides in my opinion.

With a smoothie I am absolutely satisfied. No doubt. But I wanted to push myself beyond the need to always feel satisfied.

I wanted to overcome my fear of hunger. To see it as my body working and doing its job. I wanted to FEEL and experience being close to “empty” and not having to rush to fill it with something (always food) and only vegetable juicing helped me do that.

After drinking vegetable juice I am BUZZING. Buzzing with the energy of pure nutrients that flows down my throat, into my stomach and surges through my body almost instantaneously. I love it.

There is NOTHING so far that has been able to provide me with the same feeling like vegetable juicing does.

And guess what.

The hunger. It goes away. The more you juice, and the more your body gets used to juicing, you eventually find you can go longer in between your drinks.

I started off needing to drink every 90 minutes – 2 hours. Now I can drink one juice and go 3-4 hours. I prefer to drink every 3 hours so I am not leaving myself too long without anything. In between those hours I do drink water so I am never without something completely.

If you truly want to enjoy successful vegetable juicing then learn how to embrace and celebrate hunger.

It will help you in so many other areas of your weight loss (assuming you are juicing for weight loss of course) and you will eventually find, as I did, that you end up controlling your eating rather than your eating being controlled by food.

successful vegetable juicing - romaine lettuce and strawberry juice3. I had to learn how to wing it

I know the proper advice here is to know what you are doing, but that isn’t always possible when you are overweight and craving carbs.

There were days when I would run out of stuff and when I looked at my list of vegetable juicing recipes I couldn’t find a single one to make because I didn’t have enough veg in the fridge.

On days like these I had to just put together whatever was in my fridge.

That’s one of the reasons why I never focus on other people’s recipes because they can limit my creativity.

Oh, they are fine and dandy when you are first starting out but at some point you need to have enough confidence to just put your own together.

I had no idea what would happen if I mixed dill with strawberries, romaine lettuce and some carrots but it actually turned out okay. Never made it again, but still, it was nice.

I juice vegetables so when I wing it I have to at least have 3 different vegetables to one fruit. My fruit is always apple, pear, or pineapple – although I have used berries when its all I have.

Enjoy experimenting when it comes to vegetable juicing and don’t worry so much about whether things go together just as long as what you juice is 80% veg to 20% fruit (I just made that percentage up, but it works) because you want to avoid juicing too much fruit.

4. I had to stand by my juicer

It’s real easy to let your juicer become another redundant kitchen appliance. My poor master food processor only sees the light of day when I am blending soup!

There will be days, weeks and possibly even months when you put your juicer away and don’t use it.

If it is in the cupboard it is out of your sight and you know what they say about out of sight…

When your focus is no longer on the fact that you promised yourself you will enjoy successful vegetable juicing it is easy to go back into default mode and just don’t bother.

Vegetable juicing needs to live in your heart, mind and soul before you can become successful at it. I know this from my own personal experience because this time, more than any other time before now, I have managed to juice during the Autumn.

We are not into winter until 21st December but as I am planning a 3-day juicing fest for the end of the year / beginning of 2015 I know I will be juicing in the winter too.

The thing is I can’t do without if now. It is so much a part of me that I must juice. I just can’t wait until I feel the same way about exercise!

5. I had to be fully equipped

The only way to get on and juice is to make sure you have everything to hand before you start.

That includes things like glass bottles. While you are there juicing why just make one? That makes no sense to me unless you have one of the lower cost juicers and the juice needs to be drunk immediately.

I have three one liter bottles and I fill them all with juice or at the very least I make sure I fill one with juice.

During a juice cleanse of course I use them all and I have them all ready to go.

If you are going to succeed at this make sure you have everything you need. Or you can at least improvise with something else. At the beginning rather than store my juice in glass bottles I would just put them in a jug and drink from that.

You need a juicing machine (of course), a strainer to take out any pulp that might get in, some jars to store it all,  and a plastic funnel – so you can pour your juice into the bottle without it going everywhere.

Something that is helpful, but not necessary, a compost bin to dump all that wonderful vegetable pulp in.

Learning from doing

It has taken me around 10 months to learn the above lessons. That is 10 months of regular juicing nearly every day. During the cold months I might find myself only juicing two or three times but I make two days worth each time.

I am hooked now and long may it continue because as I said above, nothing else gives me that alive buzz that drinking vegetable juice does.

What say you?

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