10 non-dairy natural salad dressings

I went on the hunt for natural salad dressings. The kind I will have to make myself, heaven help me. I have this brilliant food processor so why not use it.

It is the strangest thing. Having to make salad dressings in the dead of winter. Still, I am proud of myself for doing it.

When it comes to buying natural salad dressings, the shop bought kind, even those in health food shops, can not be trusted is what I believe.

I have no idea if they can or if they can’t but all I know is when something is manufactured in bulk things must be added to increase its shelf life. For me it is no longer natural.

As for traditional shop bought salad dressings forget it. Between the trans fat, added sugar, artificial flavourings and preservatives I would rather eat the label on the bottle.

So, I decided it was time I made my own natural salad dressings so I had a variety to choose from whenever I am eating more plant-based meals.

I think the dressing really makes a difference to whether I enjoy my salad or not.

The natural salad dressings featured below are my own variations on what I found. I hope I am not stealing anyone’s recipe but its been so long since I have been making them that I can’t remember where I originally found them.

I do know that most of these have been rewritten to suit me – so I don’t think I am stealing any of them.

10 natural salad dressings (non-dairy)

Red grapefruit juice, coriander, pine nuts and olive oil – blend and pour. Add a little bit of coconut palm sugar for sweetness if you need it. Grapefruit doesn’t mix well with some medicines I have read so do your due diligence if you are making this or any of the others.

Balsamic vinegar, garlic and honey. I love this one but not to be eaten in company! Blend them all. You can vary the garlic and honey combination depending on if you are in the mood for more sweetness or if you want to ramp up your garlic intake.

Avocado, carrot juice (I juice carrots I don’t buy juice), coconut oil and cayenne pepper. Melt the coconut oil in a bowl over boiling water, add the carrot juice, avocado and cayenne pepper then blend it all.

Vinaigrette. I owe my vinaigrette salad dressings to the lovely Jamie Oliver. He taught me to use 3 parts oil to one part acid.

You can use the popular olive oil but there is also coconut oil, rapeseed oil, hemp oil, and peanut oil.

By acid he means lemon, lime, apple cyder vinegar, white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar. You can go crazy mixing combinations. Add salt and pepper. Mix it together and it will stay in the fridge.

  • Ginger garlic and spring onion with olive oil and lemon
  • Garlic, balsamic vinegar, and dijon mustard
  • Coconut oil, white wine vinegar, and beetroot juice
  • Coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and coconut maple syrup

You can make a ton of different vinaigrette dressings by mixing different ingredients. Have a good jar that you can use to mix them in. Just a very small one.

Red wine vinegar. mustard, olive oil and fresh basil. I call this my Italian salad dressing. Love it.

Red bell pepper, maple syrup or coconut palm syrup, lemon juice, coconut oil, onion and oregano.
Blend together and pour.

Pineapple, spinach, fresh lemon or lime juice, almond oil (or any other oil), cayenne pepper or fresh chilli. This one is sweet with a kick so I love it.

Almond oil, organic smooth peanut butter, lemon or lime, mustard, garlic and onion. I use Whole Earth smooth peanut butter.

Hemp oil, fresh dill, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard and coconut palm sugar (or honey/maple syrup). I don’t often get to buy hemp oil but if it is on half price offer I will snap it up and enjoy different natural salad dressings using it until it finishes.

Blueberries, almond nuts or peanut butter, lemon juice and olive oil. I like having fruit over my salad. Its a way to make sure I get my fruit and veg each day. You could replace blueberries with any of the other berry family to be honest. If you want a kick add cayenne pepper or dijon mustard.

I don’t make dressings with cheese or milk because I have given up dairy. However there is one of my favourites one I wanted to share just in case you needed any more ideas

Yoghurt and cucumber with black pepper. From my Indian meal days – I always loved the yoghurt and cucumber dip that was served. This one uses Yeo Valley natural organic yoghurt and I add shredded cucumber and cayenne pepper. You can leave the pepper out if you don’t like it spicy. I add the shredded cucumber to the yoghurt, blend it and then sprinkle on black pepper.

As with my vegetable juicing recipes I do my best not to add quantities. Its best if you try them out and see for yourself. You may want more or less of something. Be an adult and work it out. Enjoy experimenting.

I am learning (thanks to Lorraine Pascale) that experimenting is what cooking is all about. For a non-cook like me who hates the kitchen its the only thing that has made it bearable.

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