My snacking life – nuts and berries

I don’t just focus on vegetable juicing to get healthy. During a juice cleanse I also eat nuts and berries.

I find them to be a really useful snack to have around, especially just before my main meal if I am really hungry.

I have read that it is always best to drink vegetable juice on an empty stomach, which is what I do and then I leave at least 2 hours or more before eating any nuts and berries.

There are a few combinations that I love. Bananas are one of my favourite. I am learning that bananas are not always a great fruit to eat because of the sugar content but it is still better than eating a snickers bar (which is what my body tells me I want!)

Eating protein with fruit helps to limit the acidic effect they can have on our body and the amount of sugar that is placed into our bloodstream. Dr Mecola taught me that.

This is why I always eat them together as a snack rather than just fruit on their own.

nuts and berriesSo my favourite combinations are

Almonds and bananas

Almonds and blackberries

Almonds and apricots

Walnuts and blackberries

walnuts and raspberries

brazil nuts and strawberries (not crazy about brazil nuts or strawberries but will include them for variety)

Cashew nuts with any of the above fruit.

I am looking to fill my body with as many different combinations of nuts and berries as possible.

Why berries?

We need to increase the amount of high antioxidant foods we eat. Eating a plant-based diet helps us do that. Fruits are high in phytonutrients (which increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood) and berries is the best source of phytonutrients around.

This is what Dr Michael Greger taught me. You can read his post about why it is important to add beans, berries and greens to more meals.

Why nuts?

Nuts contain fat but its good fat. Fat that our body needs to help it burn the food we eat. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, nuts also help to limit the amount of sugar that goes into our bloodstream after eating fruit.

So together they make a great combination. There are probably some fruit you shouldn’t eat with nuts but right now I don’t even bother to focus on that. Its better I eat a wrong fruit than a wrong piece of food in my book.

You really don’t have to freak out about eating nuts. Watch the video on why nuts don’t make us fat.

It always makes me laugh when my overweight friends lecture me on their fears of eating nuts while eating a bar of chocolate.

If I had to choose to eat an unhealthy snack or nuts I will pick nuts every time.

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