Cucumber Juice

I made myself some cucumber juice. Nothing but cucumber. No lemon. No ginger. There was nothing to add to the taste of it, although to be fair by the time I was half way through drinking it I really wished that there was.

I wanted to get into the habit of drinking just cucumber or maybe cucumber and celery mainly for their health properties but I think I will have to wait for the summer months to do that.

Drinking cucumber juice in December was not fun.

Both cucumber and celery have a high water content so its another way of getting to your 2-3 litres of water through vegetables, rather than by just drinking water.

Next time I will add a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper just to take away from the bland taste and smell.

It is really important you buy organic cucumbers so that you can keep the skin on. Or, like I have been doing, buy conventially grown cucumbers and then leaving them to soak in cyder vinegar for 30 minutes.

Cucumbers contain vitamins C and A in abundance as well as potassium, calcium and small amounts of vitamin B.

I wanted to increase the amount of cucumber juice I drink because I have read that it is an alkaline drink. If you follow the acid / alkaline rules then it is important to fill your body with foods that help to remove the acid already in it and provide a nutralising effect. In other words, eat alkaline food.

Because I suffer from inflammation of the joints ( self diagnosis because they ache like hell and sometimes with the right foods in my body they don’t) cucumber juice is great to help remove inflammation from our body.

cucumber juice

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