Simple healthy fruit and nuts lunch

Today I enjoyed a healthy fruit and nuts lunch. Its so strange to think at one time I couldn’t even imagine eating this way.

It was so completely foreign to me to believe I could eat just fruit and nuts for lunch and be okay with it.

Eating lunch was all about quantity. Four sandwiches, a bar of chocolate (chunky kit kat or snicker bar usually), a bag of crisps (chips) and a mug of tea.

Sometimes I wonder how I didn’t grow larger than I actually was.

Now, my simple healthy fruit and nuts lunch just involves eating blueberries, some pineapple with almond and cashew nuts.

It keeps me satisfied for hours. I work at being satisfied now rather than full. The old me would be desperate to experience a full stomach.

The new, healthier me is okay with feeling satisfied.

Plus I love the fact that there is nothing to cook! Rinse some fruit, pour out some nuts and I am good to go.

healthy fruit and nuts lunchNuts and weight gain

I read recently that eating nuts does not lead to the weight gain expected so I eat them without concern.

If I am going to be concerned with anything I eat it will be the bread that I just can’t seem to give up and the sausage rolls I have taken a liking too (never liked them before) and keep eating.

I like eating nuts with fruit. It is a tip I picked up from the paleo diet camp. I know there was a reason – I think it was something to do with them combining well together.

At least the blueberries and nuts.

I don’t think I am meant to eat a fruit like pineapple with nuts (something to do with food combining) but my rational is it is still better than eating a sausage roll and a bag of crisps!

Plus my stomach can digest just about anything.

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