Dairy and gluten free recipes

I have been on the look out for dairy and gluten free recipes to add to my vegetable juicing. It can be hard keeping up with food plans for the week when I have to sit in the moment and decided what to cook.

I was really excited about a site a friend recommended that provides weekly dairy and gluten free recipes to cook.

It includes everything I will need to cook each recipe every week, including the full shopping list.

I am seriously thinking about joining because as a beginner to this whole healthy living lifestyle its just too easy to go back into default mode and cook what I already know.

I really want to try something new and as I have given up dairy (well everything except eggs) I could really do with some new recipes.

My daughter bought me a cookbook called Skinny Bitch and she recently borrowed it to find some new meal ideas.

She ended up making quite a few things from it, including soups. Some of the ingredients are whole food and American but she managed to find the English equivalent.

Once I get that back from her I will take a second look at it. At the time she bought it for me (around 2 years ago) I guess I just wasn’t ready to focus on dairy free or gluten free foods at all.

The time has now come where I have to build up my folder of dairy and gluten free recipes.

I don’t want to buy gluten free food because I have heard that what they use in them is also no good for our body. A little like low-fat food – the fat is just taken out and replaced with sugar and when the sugar enters our body it is broken down and stored as fat!

So I want to avoid paying all this money to buy gluten-free food because in a few years I may find out it is not worth the extra money I have to pay for it. To be honest I just don’t trust manufacturers anymore.

Any food that needs marketing can not be regarded as whole-foods in my book.

Even meat substitutes like soy and tofu are turning out to be not as healthy as was once thought.

So, what I need to do to ensure I know exactly what I am putting into my body is to make my own food. Now my children are grown up I have the time to do that. It helps I am only cooking for two.

If you are searching for dairy and gluten free recipes yourself check it out (the banner on the left will take you there) and see if it will help.

It is billed as ‘real meals for real women’ and I’m not sure why the guys should miss out? Maybe because its mainly women that cook? Who knows.

Its run by a holistic nutritionist so I am hoping that means there is only good stuff included. I really need to increase my salad recipes so I have more variety.

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