My office gym

I have been renting an office in Town since September. Actually it’s a desk in an office that I share. The building contains an office gym and although I haven’t ventured into it yet, its really great to know it is available.

I have been inside to take some photos at least.

There are the usual cardio machines you get in an office gym including an exercise bike, rower, treadmill and total body conditioner (if that’s what it is called).

It has a full weights section with free weights as well as the amazing machine you can see below.

There are also exercise balls available and some hoops.

All I really need to figure out now is the best way to use it all.

AW House office gym Luton

There is a vibrating plate and I have been learning about the benefits of using that.

Plus a really firm punching bag.

There is absolutely no reason why I can’t exercise now, except I never remember to bring any kit with me.

I am not sure what people do after using the office gym, whether they go home sweaty or go back to work…

I haven’t found or seen a changing room or shower, although I have been told there is a shower available.

It is a great resource for me on my journey towards health – all I have to do is make sure I use the damn thing.


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