My Veganish Lifestyle

The food that I have been eating (or not eating) has played a huge part in my weight loss, which is why I am considering a veganish lifestyle that is powered by plants.

I gave up milk, yoghurt and cheese around 10 weeks ago because I realized they may be the cause of some night time pain I was experiencing in both thighs. It made it difficult and uncomfortable to sleep. It was muscle / nerve ending pain rather than anything else.

I thought bread (gluten/wheat) might be the problem but after several months of giving stuff up and eating it again I realized it was dairy. Since giving it up the pain in my thighs (that I got as I slept and it meant I had to keep turning over) has disappeared and in my lower back muscles has greatly reduced.

So, now I am on the next part of my journey. What else can I do to help my body heal itself?

One of the reasons for giving up cow’s milk was because I kept reading/watching videos about how bad it is for our body.

More recently I have been reading about meat, especially red meat, and how people following a veganish lifestyle are managing to heal their body when they give up meat.

What is a veganish lifestyle?

It is a lifestyle that follows the vegan way of eating – mostly.

I am not 100% committed right now to never eating meat or dairy but I am happy to greatly reduce my intake of them. I would definitely miss eggs if I couldn’t eat them.

I am committed to increasing the raw food in my diet. Eating more salads, beans, and fruit. Learning how to cook raw food (temperature of the water vegetables are cooked in is important) and eating in a way that makes more use of what mother nature has to offer in the form of plants.

Why focus on raw/plant based foods?

If you are wondering what got me thinking about living a veganish lifestyle then the video is below. Its close to 90 mins so not short but worth watching.

A quick summary of the video is this. A group of five people who all suffer from diabetes and a few of them are on a bunch of other medication, ate vegan for 30 days. Within 4 days many of them had come off their medication. It was truly eye opening.

Our body will heal itself when we put the right food in it.

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