Favourite water cleanse detoxing drinks

Any kind of cleanse, whether it is juice or a water cleanse (or water fast as I used to call it) that keeps me away from food seems to have an amazing effect on my body. I use different ingredients to ensure I am helping to cleanse my liver and give my body an overhaul.

Oh I know my body naturally detoxes itself but I have dumped way too much extra fat on it and loads of unhealthy foods. It needs a helping hand believe me.

From what I have read about completing a water cleanse you really shouldn’t have anything except water, which means I may not be doing this “right” but for now I don’t care. I add things to my water and if I really need to I EAT in the evening.

I break the rules and I’m okay with it!

So for October my just for today juicing/water cleanse will include some of the following:

Miso Soup – Only drink this in the evening if I have managed to go without food for the whole day (which has only actually happened once). Miso is a paste made my soybeans, sea solt and koji used as a staple in Chinese and Japanese diets for thousands of years. It provides protein though the amino acids, restores probiotics to the intestines and helps to stimulate the secretion of digestive fluids in the stomach.

Spirulina – I will usually drink this first thing in the morning. Spirulina contains 60% protein so its a way of getting some goodness in my body.

Soaked Linseed – I soak the linseed the night before and then drink that down in the morning too.

Apple Cyder Vinegar – I use an organic apply cyder vinegar in my water. One tablespoon per litre. It is a great detoxing aid to help the liver. This is what I drink during the day along with plain old filtered water.

As an aside – you can also add it to your washing machine when washing clothes, it kills nasty bacteria and you don’t have to worry about the smell, it doesn’t linger on the clothes. I also find it enhances any fabric conditioner I use. Everything just comes out softer.

Water cleanse recipes

Just in case you do want to add anything to your water below are some water cleanse recipes that you can use.

The flavoured water you can buy in the shops can NOT be included because they add sugar. Flavour your own water with the vegetables mentioned below.

A great Dr Oz water I came across includes apple and cinnamon – both cinnamon and cayenne pepper are great to add to juices, food and your water.

Lemon and cayenne pepper (plus maple syrup if you want) – I think this is known as “Beyonce’s detox” because it was widely reported that she uses it before a major tour. I love cayenne pepper and lemon in my regular hot water anyway but I don’t use maple syrup right now.

Cucumber and grapefruit – great if your water cleanse is about weight loss. Also cucumber and mint.

You don’t have to be performing a water cleanse to drink these. I drink one of them or some combination of them every day.

I already mentioned that lemon and cayenne pepper is a regular for me, I mix that with some coconut oil. Sometimes I have lemon on its own.

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