Best vegetables to juice for varicose veins

I am not a doctor, but I have noticed that the few varicose veins I have on my right leg are improving, so I wanted to provide a vegetable juicing recipe that outlines the best vegetables to juice to prevent varicose veins.

I included all of the ingredients below after looking up natural ways to help cure varicose veins. Once I read recommendations for foods to eat I figured why not juice them. I am not saying this juice will cure your varicose veins because apparently there isn’t one, but it may help reduce them as it has for me. You will have to drink this and see for yourself.

So here it is, the best vegetables to juice for varicose veins. I have called it…

Asparagus and ginger vein

  • handful of Rosemary
  • Knob of ginger
  • 3 beetroot (beets) with leaves
  • 4 sticks celery
  • 7 asparagus
  • 1 apple (or pineapple if you prefer)

Juice all of those ingredients then add cayenne pepper on top. Drink and enjoy.

As always chop and change the quantities to suit your own taste. You may want more asparagus and less beets in this one. Your choice.

I tend to use all of these ingredients, with the exception of asparagus, on a regular basis. I think it is the fact that I am constantly drinking them down as juice that helps. Not just in this one juice but in different ones.

What causes varicose veins

Weakened valves and vein walls are the cause of varicose veins. You can read more about causes on the NHS website HERE

How to improve varicose veins

Losing weight was a popular suggestion and it could be that mine have greatly reduced because I am losing weight.

Exercise. Always a regular suggestion to with anything that is going wrong with the body. Exercise really is a helpful tool in life. Walking is especially great.

Stop smoking. Thankfully, this is not a habit I have but if you do quitting will help.

Avoid sitting and/or standing for too long. Prolonged sitting or standing is not good for us.

If you, like me, sit for long periods then flex your fit backwards and forwards. Also rotate them clockwise and anti clockwise. I do my best to remember to do this while I am watching TV. I will also get up and walk around while the adverts are on to give myself a break from sitting. I will write more about what too much sitting does to our body soon.

And of course you can drink vegetable juice foods to help prevent varicose veins.

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