Big girl clothes shopping

It has been a long time since I shopped any other place than the “larger sizes” and big girl clothes shopping for me is not just a size thing but a height one too. Being 5 feet 10″ means women clothes are not easy to come by and it is probably one of the reasons I grew up with a hatred of going clothes shopping.

No slim girl, regular size for me. Oh no. First I needed longer lengths and then I needed larger sizes. Big girl clothes shopping was absolutely no fun whatsoever.

Then something amazing happened. It was as if clothes manufacturers (or at least a few of them) decided that women had more than enough labels (too fat, too skinny, too dark, too light, too tall…) to deal with so why not take one away.

Enter the clothing manufacturers who make one dress in all sizes. From size 8 to size 40. Same dress, whatever size you choose.

Suddenly I didn’t feel so freaky. What made these places even better is they had styles for “middle age woman”, “tall woman” as well as “fatty woman” – my dreams had come true.

The great news is this transcended clothes and included shoes too. Shoes for women in all sizes from the very pettite to the very large. Same shoe, different colors, different sizes.

Then. As if all of this wasn’t wonderful enough they made shopping for these clothes available mainly online.

No more crowded shops and hot, smelly changing rooms. No more queuing up to pay and sorting through sizes.

Simple order and have it delivered.

Then try it all on in the comfort of your own home.

If there is anything you don’t like wait for someone to come pick it up and return it.

Big girl clothes shopping suddenly became a pleasure. I waited with excited anticipation for the latest catalogue to fall through my letterbox. I watched out for emails about the latest sales, money off and free delivery for the weekend only.

I watched. I shopped. I clothed myself and I felt amazing.

I have never been a follower of fashion. Its hard to follow any kind of fashion when you grew up with no money and your clothes were made by your mom. Once I started growing taller and taller I decided God obviously didn’t want me to bother with fashion. It wasn’t as if I had access to anything those models had.

No. In my quiet, obscure town the only thing a girl could do was to make do with whatever she could find.

When the 80s came along and leggings and t-shirts became the fashion I wore them long after the fashion died, and since they have returned.

Big Girl Clothes Shopping

My favourite place to go big girl clothes shopping is Marisota. Love the place. Bought myself a coat called Eva. Bought it a size too small as motivation. Its too tight on the arms and around the chest but when I tried it on today it wasn’t as tight as it was a couple of weeks ago so that’s progress.

Second favourite place is Simply Be. Although for me their quality is not as great and it seems both Marisota and Simply Be sell each other’s clothes, which is strange.

I am sure there are a few more places like this online but I haven’t bothered looking. When I got to a larger size I just gave up on clothes buying and wore anything that was baggy and comfortable.

Now that I have dropped two dress sizes I have promised myself when I reach the Phase Two goal of 17 stone 10 lbs I will treat myself to something new.

I visited the Rosemary Conley TV site recently  and I read a blog post that said as you lose weight you should buy yourself clothes that fit because it helps you feel good plus is added motivation.

I am still watching my pennies so I can’t go crazy but I did order two pairs of jeans from Marisota (longer leg of course) and its so true. When I wear them I feel fantastic.

Big girl clothes shopping won’t last for much longer. Over the next 18 months I really hope to be blogging about shopping for fit girl clothes. If length is the only thing I have to focus on when shopping I might even learn to enjoy it. Who knows.

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