Immune Boosting Vegetable Juice Recipe

Vitamins A and C play an important role in helping our immune system so when I thought about an immune boosting vegetable juice recipe I knew it had to contain the follow the following

Tomato Pumpkin Juice

  • pumpkin – vitamin A, zinc, potassium
  • red pepper
  • sweet potato – vitamin C, iron and vitamin D
  • carrot – vitamin A
  • kale – vitamins A and C
  • tomato – vitamins A and C

Plus my usual two – ginger and lemon

This is a delicious immune boosting vegetable juice recipe and I tend to add more pumpkin because I love the taste and it is available in abundance during October.

If you want it to look more orange than sandy in color you can miss out the kale but then the only real vegetable will be the carrot and sweet potato, as both pumpkins and tomatoes are fruit. You can always find another substitute.

A search online will provide you with a list of other vegetables and fruit that are great for building up and protecting our immune system so play around with it and add what you prefer.

immune boosting vegetable juice recipeHealth benefits of pumpkin

  • Pumpkins contain high levels of vitamin A so makes a great fruit addition to this vegetable juice.
  • It is also rich in minerals like copper, potassium, zinc and calcium.
  • Believe it or not, pumpkins are a great vegetable source of protein (their seeds) and they also contain unsaturated fats.
  • High in fiber – helps you digest your food efficiently

It is the beta-carotene contained in both the pumpkin and carrot that make this an immune boosting vegetable recipe. Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A by the body.

I know when using natural foods and vegetable juicing to do things like boost my immune system I can’t drink a few glasses when I feel a cold coming on. It is the constant and regular drinking of these (and others) vegetables and fruit that help protect me in the long-term.

Everyone, except me, seems to be suffering with a cold right now and I can only hope that because I regularly juice using the ingredients above I have managed to strengthen my immune system


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