Health benefits of water fasting

I have always hated the word fasting because for me it means “to go without food!” but when I started looking to the health benefits of water fasting it helped me change my mind.

I had already looked into the health benefits of vegetable juicing and knew all about that, so I wondered at times when I didn’t have any vegetables in the fridge (I don’t drive and I don’t live close to a decent store to buy organic) I wondered if carrying out a water fast might be an alternative way around it.

I have discovered that fasting is an ancient approach to healing common aliments and in fact most people who undertake a water fast report their aliments disappearing, which I guess is one of the great benefits of water fasting.

Our body automatically goes into detox mode when we are sleeping but I guess many of us, and I include me in that, eat so much extra food and plenty of junk that it could do with a helping hand. That is where fasting helps. Because our body is not using its energy to break down a stomach full of starchy carbs and other foods it can use that energy to help further clear the body of accumulated toxins and heal the parts of our body that are unwell.

Lymphatic system

Our lymphatic system is an amazing system within the body and it is also great for helping us detox because it drains out bacteria, chemicals and toxins that are not supposed to be in us. Again, thanks to the way many of us live it could do with our help.

health benefits of water fastingFasting helps the lymphatic system drainage system do its job even better, making sure you are relieved of whatever no longer serves you.

Don’t you lose essential muscle?

From what I have read, not if you carry out a water fast correctly. You see before the body uses up essential proteins like muscle it will have to work its way through all the fat tissue inside of you. It will also find and breakdown fibroid tumors, bacteria and other viruses as energy for it to function.

Carrying out a water fast

It is important that you start by eating fruit and vegetables for a few days before embarking on your water fast (using filtered water) for 10 days and then give yourself 5 days of eating live, healthy food. Things like Salmon and vegetables. Light food rather than stuffing down pizza!

Of course, it is important you see the appropriate health professional before embarking on a water fast. Despite me listing the health benefits of water fasting if you already have an illness in your body you should always make sure it is safe to carry out a water fast first.

Also, if you are already very thin/malnutrition, suffer from an eating disorder, pregnant or nursing it is recommend you DO NOT carry out a water fast at all.

In this video he talks about how he feels after completing his water fast



In this video she mentions she is going to 21 days of water fasting. Interesting effect on her vision that gets so much better.

Mental challenge of a water fast

I have not tried a water fast yet. I am working up to it. I do drink water inbetween juicing and sometimes when I really can’t be bothered to juice or if I am in a hurry to get to work, I will drink filtered water instead of a vegetable juice. I guess this is my way of working up to attempting one.

I don’t think it will be possible while I am at home with my youngest and there is food easily available. Carrying out a 3-day water fast will mean hiring a cottage in the middle of nowhere and only bringing water with me!

I wish there was something like the TrueNorth Health Center in the UK – great article about a 6 day water fast.

The one thing that has helped me get through one of my juice cleanse days where I am not eating is being very busy. If I am busy at work then I can manage to go all day and most of the evening without food. The challenge is 6pm onwards.

There are many benefits to fasting. Its an age old tradition that communities have taken part in for centuries. We can survive many days on water alone and I can image it does plenty to help with weight loss.

I am going to attempt a water fast but I think I may have to wait until the summer when my resolve is stronger.



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