6-months vegetable juicing weight loss update

This is my 6-months vegetable juicing weight loss update and I am doing well. Vegetable juicing has finally given me the result I want and that is to reduce my weight. I have hardly exercised at all. I certainly have no definite routine in place. Just changing my food has helped me.

By reducing the amount of unrefined sugar in my diet and focusing on intermittent fasting (I stop eating at 7pm and start again at 11am – giving me a 16 hour fast) I have managed to reduce my size.

The Past before vegetable juicing weight loss

In 2010 I focused mainly on exercise and not what I was eating. I felt great and my body shape improved but weight loss was minimum. At the time I was exercising 3 hours a week and only over a 12-week period.

I went from 19 stone 7lbs (273 lbs or 123.8 kgs) to 17 stone 9 lbs which is 250 lbs and 113 kg

Once I returned from my holiday (the focus of my desire to exercise) I stopped and the weight began to pile back on.

In April 2012 I took up walking. I walked for up to 2 hours a day sometimes, even in the cold, and walking became my best friend. Mentally I felt fantastic. Alert, full of joy, but again, weight loss wise nothing much happened. Around January 2013 I stopped walking and started eating.

They say the third time’s a charm. Well let’s hope so…

At my biggest (I didn’t own scales until a few weeks after I started my healthy eating program so I don’t have my original weight) I weighed in at 21 stone 10 lbs. That is 304 lbs and 137 kgs.

The Present with vegetable juicing weight loss

2014. I am focused mainly on my eating habits, patterns and my desire to reduce my growing size. I have also adopted the mindset that these changes are for LIFE and that as long as I continue to eat in a healthy way any extra pounds have to drop off.

Its impossible for extra weight to stay in place when I eat in a healthy way.

I am using my rebounder and because I am feeling so much better I have started walking again. I will keep using these two until I have a pattern of exercising on a regular basis and I will then introduce swimming.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes me (although I would like it to happen sooner rather than later) I will get to my goal of being slim and the right weight for my height. According to UK guidelines the right weight for my 5 stone 10″ frame is 12 stone 7lbs (175 lbs or 79 kgs).

Vegetable Juicing Weight Loss Results

So today, 30th September 2014

my current weight is 19 stone 5 lbs which is 271 lbs and  122.9 kgs

I have lost a total of 5lbs during the month of September 

My BMI is 38.8 down from 41.0 in April

There is a great height to weight to BMI ratio calculator HERE


It is important to focus on waist not just weight.

From my stomach a reduction of 5 inches

From my hips a reduction of 3 inches

From each thigh – reduction of 2 inches

I didn’t measure my upper arms, I wish I had because they were quite large and are reducing nicely.

Celebrating from 17 stone onwards

This is a great effort but because I have “been there and done that” before I am not celebrating. I am of the mindset that I should not be going back and I won’t celebrate what should never have happened. Might be a bit harsh on myself but I am okay with it. My choice.

What I will do is celebrate once I get down to my 2010 weight of 17 stone 9lbs ( 250 lbs and 113 kg) and lower. From there I will be breaking new ground, making new headways and my phase two plan is all about getting there.

I will also start adding photos once I get to 17 stones and continue into phase three.

I am so grateful to myself for taking this seriously enough to blog about it and to learn too. I have written a blog post every day over September and have been learning new things as I do because I research everything I write about. It all helps me in my effort towards changing my mindset to focus on being healthy for life.

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