Healthy Tango’d juicing recipe

This juicing recipe is bright orange. I don’t usually juice this much fruit with so little vegetables but they are all great ingredients to aid weight loss (or so I read) so I thought why not

Healthy Tango’d

6 Carrot,

1 pink grapefruit

1 orange or a few clementines

1 lemon

and knob of ginger (depending on whether you like a little or a lot)

Run those ingredients through your juicer then add Cayenne pepper on top

healthy vegetable juice for weight loss
Tasted fantastic

Health benefits of clementines.

Clementine fruit contains antioxidants that protect our body. A rich source of vitamin A and C like most of the citrus family they are good for the skin and also contain high concentrations of fibre to help the digestive system.

healthy tango'd
Finished juice with cayenne pepper


I found this juice quite sweet and so I keep it as an afternoon juice to drink. I also diluted it with plenty of water

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