Daily cost of juicing

If you are on a budget, or if you are just curious. You might wonder about the daily cost of vegetable juicing. I was curious and decided to try and figure it out for myself.

First I bought myself some vegetables:

  • Broccoli £1.20
  • Celery £1.20
  • Cucumber £1.25
  • Dill (not organic) £0.80
  • Pineapple £0.70 (on special offer – usually £1)
  • Granny Smith Apples £1.75 (9 apples)

I have not been able to find green organic apples, only red ones, but my juicer instructions said that red apples turn mushy inside the juicer and produce froth so green apples are better.

I decided to make a green juice using those ingredients. I bought a few others too as you can see from the receipt on the right.

I had ginger in the fridge and used a little of that. I also had a lemon and I knew that was 0.36p.  I costed it all up as follows

daily cost of vegetable juicingDaily Cost

1 green apple  0.19

1/4 Pineapple 0.25

Celery               1.20

Cucumber        1.25                                   Total Cost = £4.37

Broccoli            1.20

1/2 Lemon       0.18

Ginger              0.10

So, the daily cost of vegetable juicing, making that particular green juice, is £4.37.

Obviously, using carrots and beetroots plus celery as a juice provides a different cost. I may update this post after I worked that one out.

How much juice did that make?

In total everything above made a little over  one liter of vegetable juice. That serves up two glasses. If I am juicing my lunch two glasses of vegetable juice is enough, the same applies for breakfast.

So, as a rough estimate of the daily cost of vegetable juicing you can say it would cost £4.37 for replacing one meal and £8.74 if you are replacing two.

Weekly cost of juicing would then be £61.18 based on drinking four juices a day.

vegetable juicing
First I chopped it all up and then put it through the juicer


daily cost of vegetable juicing
After making the juice I strain out the fiber


dill vegetable juice
The final juice made enough for two glasses – one litre

How many do I drink?

At the beginning, when vegetable juicing was new I would say I easily got through four juices a day. I drank one and felt hungry an hour or so later. That was before I included drinking water. Once I began to drink water after a juice, and sometimes before, I found the hunger pangs stayed away for longer.

Now that I have been juicing for several months I can manage on two juices a day, plus water inbetween and nothing else until I eat my evening meal.

I am not managing on that every day. Some days I just feel like I need to eat and on the days I exercise I find I feel hungry sooner, so it varies, but on average two – three juices a day plus water is enough.

Daily cost of vegetable juicing for a family

There is only me and my youngest at home now. When I juice the food does last a lot longer so I don’t shop as much. If you are feeding a family things are a little different. You have to negotiate buying vegetables for juicing on your budget and if things are tight it can look expensive.

The key to remember is the ingredients I used above are all organic. A conventional cucumber is only £0.60p – half the price of an organic one.

Using conventional vegetable

If you really want to start vegetable juicing and organic is just too expensive I have read that if you soak conventional vegetables in cider vinegar and water for an hour before eating, then wash everything thoroughly you will remove a lot of the chemical residue that is present in them.

Do your own research on that one to find out about vegetable juicing on a budget and/or how to use conventional vegetables for juicing.

The main thing is you are replacing, not drinking vegetable juicing and eating your lunch, and by replacing it you are saying money anyway.


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