Jay Kordich vegetable juicing guru from the 80s

This has to be the oldest vegetable juicing video I have found so far from Jay Kordich. It is from 1986 and wow does that juicer look like the 80s 🙂

I love the way he explains that vegetables are the body builders and fruit the body cleansers.

For a man who was diagnosed with bladder cancer (a tumor in his bladder) he sure does look great. Back then vegetable juicing was known as an alternative medicine to health.

This video of Jay Kordich from 1986 is now 28 years old and Jay is still going strong.

Interesting his theory on degenrative illness – that it is the fault of the pots and pans we use.

Don’t mix fruit and vegetables

Jay explains that with the exception of the apple you shouldn’t mix fruit and vegetables. Why not?

1. They are not compatible enzyme wise and will cause gastoritis

2. Vegetables have vegetable oils and fruits have fruit acids and so they are not compatible.

They cause problems in the intestinal wall.


Number one thirst quencer known to man and the number one directic known to man.

Juicing watermelon with the rind/skin and seeds

There is a lot more. He goes through other fruits including pineapple and grapes.

Juicing Citrus fruit

Now, it is recommended that we don’t juice fruit, especially citrus fruit, because of the sugar content, however Jay Kordich covers that. Note what he says about juicing oranges. The difference between the sugar that comes out when you squeeze juice and the great juice you get when you use a juicer.

Lemon. Jay’s famous lemonade. 1/4 lemon with peel and 2-3 apples


His passion for vegetable juicing really shines through when you watch his videos. I subscribed to him on YouTube.

I love his philosophy on juicing – that he eats around his juicing rather than the other way around.

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