12 creative coconut oil uses

I have been using coconut oil for three years now, ever since I bought some at a health food fair in 2011 and loved it. It is a very versatile product. From baking to skin care coconut oil can take care of it all. I have only ever used the same Organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil called Coconoil.

Below are 12 creative coconut oil uses that I personally use

  1. For cooking – frying mainly but I have heard its good for baking. I don’t do baking!
  2. On my skin (separate jar of course not the same one)
  3. In my hair. Its very greasy so only after I have washed my hair in the morning because I know it has all day to dry out
  4. As a mouth cleanser – it helps remove plaque so makes a brilliant (and natural) toothpaste along with baking soda.
  5. As a natural deodorant. I put it underarm and it is great at removing smells
  6. In my porridge. Porridge, banana and coconut oil – yummy, yummy
  7. As a massage oil – for two 😀
  8. On my feet after soaking to combat hard skin. I seem to get that more now I am walking.
  9. In my juicing. I melt it and add it before drinking
  10. As a face moisturiser at night along with my almond oil. A little of both mixed together.
  11. Given to my cat. She loves it and once I read online that it was safe I gave her a little everyday. She knows the container now and runs to me when I pick it up (and when I cream my feet!)
  12. For high temperature cooking – like roasting vegetables.
how to use coconut oil
My favourite morning juice. Lemon, coconut oil and hot water

12 coconut oil uses for health

There are all sorts of health claims around coconut oil and although many of them may not be scientifically proven here is what I have read.

  1. It aids digestion and weight loss (natural appetite suppressant)
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
  3. Speeds up our metabolism
  4. Helps strengthen immune system
  5. Relieve hemorrhoids
  6. Eliminates drive skin (e.g. dandruff)
  7. Helps to heal earache and throat infections by killing the bacteria associated with them
  8. To help soothe itching (e.g. insect bites or chicken pox)
  9. Supports the development of strong bones and helps us avoid osteoporosis
  10. Mix with sugar for a great natural skin scrub
  11. Helps sun burn
  12. Prevents major illnesses and diseases (big claims about helping cancer and heart disease)

12 cooking coconut oil uses

If you are looking for coconut oil recipes look no further. Below are a few I have found

  1. Porridge with banana and coconut oil. Make your porridge thicker than usual and add coconut oil to soften. Add as little or as much as you like. Chop up small banana
  2. Roasted vegetables. Cut chosen vegetables (I like carrots and brocolli) and place in boiling water for a minute. Remove and add to pan, place coconut oil on top with some cayenne pepper and bake for 20 mins
  3. Beef stirfry with red peppers and coconut oil
  4. Protein bars and balls using almonds, milk and coconut oil (search online – plenty of recipes available)
  5. Roast potatoes. I add a mixture of olive oil or almond oil and coconut oil. Spread over potatoes and bake
  6. Mashed potatoes. Just a little (to avoid fussy teenagers tasting it) of coconut oil avoids lumpy mash
  7. Tomato, chickpea and coconut soup
  8. Coconut cupcakes – using coconut flour and coconut oil
  9. Smoked Salmon and broccoli muffins
  10. Kale crisps – cook kale in the oven mixed in coconut oil for 20 minutes
  11. Any recipe that needs vegetable oil – replace with coconut oil
  12. Thai coconut curry


12 juices, drinks and smoothies containing coconut oil

Coconut oil is more popular in smoothies than juicers. I melt some and add it at the very end before drinking. I don’t use it if I am making a bath of vegetable juicing for drinking later. I prefer to add it to my juices as I go to drink it.

  1. Pineapple, kale, and coconut oil
  2. Hemp seeds, banana, blueberries, pinch of Cinnamon, either oat or almond milk, coconut oil
  3. Green tea with honey and coconut oil. Mix the honey and coconut oil together then add hot water and put in tea bag.
  4. Earl grey tea with coconut oil and honey
  5. Sometimes I just add a little bit of coconut oil to my warm water in the morning
  6. Add it to your coffee and then put it in the blender to mix it in (rather than mixing with a spoon)
  7. Half organic lemon squeezed in hot water with coconut oil and use hand whisk to mix
  8. Spinach, apple, cucumber and kale with coconut oil
  9. Beetroot, apple, blackberry and coconut oil (smoothie)
  10. Mint leaves and ginger in warm water with coconut oil
  11. Fresh squeezed lime in hot water with coconut oil
  12. Oats, coconut oil, frozen berries and a banana


12 coconut oil uses I have heard about

coconut oil usesPeople use coconut oil for all kinds of reasons and below are a few I have read about that I thought were worth including.

  1. Can be used as shaving lotion
  2. Removes eye makeup
  3. Spread it on toast instead of butter
  4. vaginal lubricant
  5. Added to homemade natural cosmetics and skincare creams
  6. Helps to reduce stretch marks
  7. Great for nursing mothers with sore nipples
  8. Eat it straight from the spoon (too greasy for me)
  9. As a lip balm
  10. Clean makeup brushes (antibacterial properties)
  11. Use in marinades
  12. As a steam hair conditioner. Add it to your hair, leave it in, put on a shower cap and wait for half an hour

So there you have it, 60 different coconut oil uses that will keep you busy for a lifetime – and there is more. Search for coconut oil uses and you will find many more ways to use this very versatile product.

Do you use it in a way that I have missed off? Let me know. Leave a comment below

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