Ravishing Radish Juice Recipe

I have decided to try some new vegetables, hence this radish juice recipe. I am not a fan of radish and never eat them, which is why I love juicing, because it is an opportunity for me to get the goodness of a vegetable in me that I wouldn’t normally eat.

Radishes are a great anti-inflammatory vegetable containing vitamins B and C as well as fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorous and calcium.

I juiced the leaves in this recipe because radish leaves contain more vitamin C than its root.

I would never sit down and eat raw radishes or radish leaves so I am happy to be able to make this radish juice recipe and enjoy the benefits of them.

Ravishing Radish Juice Recipe

To make myself one glass of this juice I added…

6-8 radishes with leaves

1 apple (add two if you are just starting out and prefer it to be sweeter)

2 carrots

1 lemon (without skin)


I had a few cherry tomatoes and spinach to use up so I added those in too but the above is enough to make a fairly nice tasting juice.

Additional things to add

I think this juicing recipe would also benefit from some pineapple and if I had any I would replace the apple with some pineapple.

I also think any citrus fruit would add a nice flavour to this and would try grapefruit or an orange.

If you like sparkling water (I don’t) a friend recommended adding some of that

The image on the left is what my radish juice recipe looked like – not very appetizing at all.

In fact I nearly didn’t drink it because the smell of the radishes is really pungent and I wasn’t sure it was going to be nice at all. In the end it worked out just fine.

Thank goodness for the lemon, they really did add a nice zing to it.

Radish juice recipe video – the guy talks a lot – a 15 minute juicing video. Still, it was one of the better radish juice recipes I could find.

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