Coping with my juice cleanse hunger

Coping with my juice cleanse hunger was, without a doubt, one of my more difficult issues to deal with when I first started vegetable juicing.

After making the decision to buy my first juicer and start a juice cleanse I knew hunger would be a natural part of being without food and I knew learning how to embrace hunger and be okay with it was going to be an important mindset shift for me.

I was actually afraid to be hungry. For years whenever I felt myself getting hungry I would instantly fill the void with food. There was no waiting around. I had food in my bag, in my desk draw or I was at home and would visit the kitchen.

The thought of being hungry for too long made me feel physically afraid and I really wanted to overcome that fear because it just wasn’t rational

So how did I do it?

Well, I faced my hunger head on when it hit and I did one of two things.

Either I listened to my hunger, I acknowledged its presence and I told myself it was alright to be hungry and that it meant everything in my digestive system was working well. Or I ignored it completely and found something else to do, I just kept busy.

One wasn’t more effective than the other. They both worked.

It really just depended on my mood for that day.

If I was having one of “those days” ignoring the fact that I was hungry and finding something else to do was the better of the two options.

I also had to spend time reassuring myself that it was impossible for me to starve. That there was food available in the house, in a passing shop and every where I went. It seems a silly thing to have to reassure myself of but that is what was needed.

Finally I used Emotional Freedom Technique and tapped away at my irrational fear until it disappeared.

An important juice cleanse lesson

After a few weeks of my very first juice cleanse I discovered a very important lesson. My juice cleanse hunger didn’t have to be there.

All I had to do when I was hungry was drink more juice.

Makes sense really but at the time I had it in my head to drink 3 vegetable juices a day. Like you eat three meals a day I guess. I wasn’t really following a system. I was doing the whole thing on my own, so I really didn’t have any guidelines.

When I first started and felt hungry within a couple of hours of my first juice I thought I just had to tough it out and wait for a few hours before having another. That isn’t the case.

I was so happy when I watched a video on YouTube and heard that hunger just meant I needed to drink more.

Yes, it did mean that my juice cleanse would cost more because I was getting through my vegetables faster than expected but that was only temporary.

The good news is eventually, as I became used to juicing on a regular basis, I didn’t feel hungry as quickly anymore. Now I can go 2-3 hours in between juices.

juice cleanse hungerFeeling Light

Even with the extra juicing I still found myself feeling “light” – as if I was always running on nearly empty. Starchy carbs filled a space and helped me feel full. It was a feeling I had become used to and vegetable juicing was different.

There was never a full or stuffed feeling.

Instead there was a feeling of having had enough, but only just, so I always felt as if I was a little empty. A little light.

I don’t know if I am explaining the feeling correctly. Maybe it was personally to me and other people don’t experience that feeling.

All I know is eventually I had to stuff myself full of “proper food” and I had a shop bought pizza just to help me feel normal.

The trouble is my normal is actually unhealthy and so I went back to vegetable juicing and my almost empty feeling.

If you are currently on a juice cleanse or you have just started on this journey take comfort in the fact that both the hunger and the light feeling do disappear.

Instead of having to focus on coping with my juice cleanse hunger I found a way to overcome it by embracing it and using EFT. I also very quickly realized that I could in fact just drink more and that hunger didn’t have to be a regular part of a juice fast.


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