Juicing is expensive

I spend a lot of time reading vegetable juicing blogs and forums online. One “objection” to getting started I often see is that juicing is expensive.

I don’t want to get condescending and ask how expensive is bad health – but that is a fair question.

Also, I can never understand why juicing is expensive because the idea of juicing is to replace a meal, not to eat and juice, so you are in fact saving. The cost of the meat, vegetables and carbs on your plate are replaced by the cost of a vegetable juice.

I find spending £30 on mainly organic vegetables gives me 3-5 days worth of juicing.

This will depend on whether I am just juicing my breakfast (2 juices a day) or juicing lunch and breakfast (3-4 juices a day). If I was buying lunch e.g. a sandwich, bag of crisps and a drink I believe the cost would be around the same and if I worked in Central London even more. Its quite easy to spend £3 on a sandwich and £8-9 on lunch a day.

Buying organic vegetables

The expense comes from having to buy organic vegetables. I have noticed that in my local supermarket a cucumber right now is 49p but an organic cucumber is £1.10 – which is a massive difference in price.

The thing that I do is mix organic with non-organic. Mainly because I can’t always buy organic with every vegetable or fruit that I want but also because it helps with the cost.

For example carrots, I always make sure they are organic. I want my carrots to be grown in good soil.

Pineapple. I have never been able to find an organic pineapple so I have to buy a non-organic one.

Cucumber. Because of the price difference sometimes I will buy organic because I use them a lot and sometimes I will buy the regular one and cut off the skin.

Do we need organic vegetables?

It is important to buy organic vegetables because pesticides are used on conventionally grown produce and pesticide residue is present when we eat them. There are some worse than others though.

A list of produce that I MUST buy as organic because they have been listed as some of the worst to include pesticide residue, include:

  • Apples. Pesticides from grown apples have shown up on apples themselves but also in apple juice and sauce.
  • Celery. Also seems to suck up and keep hold of those pesticides so organic is best
  • Cucumber. Peeling the skin helps but that is where all the goodness is
  • Spinach – including frozen and canned
  • Kale – although I am not a fan and have read that cabbage and broccoli are better alternatives if you can’t find organic kale.

If you buy your vegetables from a local farmer or someone who has a vegetable patch and if you grow your own then you are lucky. You don’t have to worry about the crap that might be ingested when juicing like the rest of us.

There is a lot of research questioning whether we even need to eat organic and whether the pesticides we have become so worried about can really hurt us. Read the article: Is organic food better for us

Use a couple of vegetables

Another way to make juicing inexpensive is to only buy two or three of the main vegetables to juice. For me it will be carrots and celery. I always have lemons around the house because I like to drink water with lemon in it, so the three of them can go together to make a juice.

I might also add conventional cucumber (because it is so much cheaper than organic) and peel the skin.


Buying a week’s worth of vegetables to juice and buying a week’s worth of food works out to be the same thing. If you have a family and you have to buy food for them and vegetables for you to juice then it can get a bit more expensive but where you save is in the food. As you won’t be eating it, it will last longer.

A packet of chocolate digestive shared between me and my youngest would last a week, maybe less. Now that same packet will be in the fridge for weeks. He is the only one eating it and now he knows I am not going to scoff the lot he is in no hurry to eat them, so they last longer.

What I did was work out a plan. If I spend the money on organic vegetables for myself what will I save and from where.

After a while and as I got into vegetable juicing and my health returned I stopped thinking about it and just bought what I needed.

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