Just for today juice cleanse and water fast

Years ago I was taught a Reiki principle called “Just for today” – it reminded us to stay in the present moment. That we only had one day to tackle and it was this day.

Yesterday no longer mattered and was in the past. Tomorrow hadn’t come yet and so was not worth too much of our focus.

The idea was to ensure we remained calm, practiced gratitude, stopped worrying, was good to people and worked diligently all for that one 24-hour day.

So, using this principle I have decided to start a juice cleanse and water fast to help me kick start Autumn and get ready for winter juicing.

It will build on my first 24-hour juice cleanse that I did on 24 August and am very proud to have completed. Now I am going to do several 24-hour days but I only ever focus on the one day I am not, not the many ahead of me.

YouTube Motivation

I have spent weeks watching videos on YouTube of different people who have completed a juice cleanse and water fast. Not always at the same time, some people did one or the other, but many people did both.

While the thought of committing to a 60 or 90 day juice fast sends me running for the hills I can at least commit to the one day. The only day that really matters. Today.

I will use my ‘Just For Today’ Juice Cleans and Water Fast to see how long I can go without eating.

Why juicing/water and not smoothies

When you drink vegetable juice its all liquid (as is water but I am guessing you knew that) and your body gets to rest because it is not working on digesting food.

The fibre has been removed so your body does not have to do any work at digesting it, which means it gets to rest. That rest means your body can use the energy you have to dedicate towards healing your body.

Sleep time is when our body heals itself but now it is also getting more time because you are only drinking juice and water. There is no digestion needed.

I have heard people call it a reset button.

Smoothies on the other hand still contain the fibre of the fruits, veg, nuts etc that you have added, which means your body does not get to rest. It is still having to expend energy on digesting food.

This is what I have discovered over years of learning about the benefits of vegetable juicing and why I choose juicing rather than smoothie making.

Difficulties Ahead

The only difficulty I see in this otherwise flawless plan is the fact that I have a 15-year old at home with a healthy appetite. Sort of wish I had thought to do this during the school summer break so I could have shipped him off to his grandparents for a few days.

Still. It is what it is and here I am.

Stocking Up

As I don’t drive I have taken the bus to my local Sainsbury’s, stocked up on vegetables and then came home. Once home I made myself a lovely Green Goddess using pineapple (and without the added Spirulina) and have another ready to drink later.

Late afternoon I will make myself two sweeter uses using beetroot and carrot to keep my energy up.

How the ‘Just For Today Cleans and Water Fast’ will work

I can choose whether to juice all day or drink water all day.

On my vegetable juicing days I will still drink my usual 2-3 litres of water. Starting around 7am the aim is to drink at least 2 juices before midday, 2 juices between 1pm – 5pm and one final juice around 7pm. After 7pm I can drink hot water and lemon.

On a water fast day I will drink 3-4 litres of water. Its just a case of drinking a mixture of cold or hot water (without lemon) on these days.

I know when I juice a lot the time will come when I am sick of drinking them and sick of having to cut up veg and juice them. When that happens I will drink water only. It usually takes 7-10 days for that to happen but if it does I am prepared.

And that is it really. I have worked out how much water to drink on a water fast based on my weight. Please consult a professional before taking part in your own cleanse or fast because I am not a professional and I am being responsible for myself.

Dealing with night time

Sometimes I find the nights difficult. After going to sleep I wake up at 2am and I can’t get back to sleep.

When that happens I usually drink a glass of spirulina water then go to bed.

Or I make a warm water drink and that helps me sleep.

If I have it I will add ginger and lemon and drink that, and sometimes mint. Mainly thought I stick to just plain warm water.

How many days will I complete?

Well that is entirely up to me. I am putting no pressure on myself. I have years to perfect this and to get to 60 or 90 days of juicing so I will just vegetable juice for today.

I am thinking about 3-days. The thought of 3-days without food does not send my mind crazy like the thought of 60 days does. Once I conquer 3-days I will then decide how much further I will go.

My long-term aim is to carry out a monthly juice cleanse and water fast for 3-5 days. Once a month every month for 3-5 days I will give my body a rest from processing food and drink either filtered water or vegetable juice.

Right now though, I need to get myself to a place where I can manage 5 consecutive days!!!

As this is my first time I am really only aiming to keep this up for three days and then I will decide whether to continue or to stop and do another 3-days in October.

What is my aim in doing this?

I always find that it is important to have a WHY. A big why that will keep me going.

Right now my health is a big why.

If I am totally honest my weight is too.

Although this journey is definitely cemented in my mind as being FOR LIFE, and I know as long as I continue to eat well and juice the weight will come off, I really just want to focus on releasing as much extra weight as I can before the end of the year.

So my big WHY is to lose weight and get into some of those smaller sized clothes that have been sitting in a suitcase waiting for me to wear them for the last 4 years.

How will I stay motivated?

I find watching videos of other people who have been water fasting and juicing really helpful. Below are some of the videos I have had the pleasure of watching so far.


When do I start?

The Just For Today Juice Cleanse and Water Fast started for me on 29th August and I will share the first video in the next few days.

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