Vegetable juicing health benefits

I love this video by Joe Cross who goes into vegetable juicing health benefits.

In case you have no idea who he is Joe Cross made the documentary fat, sick and nearly dead, which followed his 90 day juicing cleanse.

Nothing but juice. Every day for 90 days.

Some of the health benefits of juicing that Joe talks about in the video below include:

When you eat fruit and vegetables it takes energy to digest them. When you juice vegetables the nutrients go straight into your system through your digestive tract

When you get into regular juicing and increasing your consumption of fruit and vegetables you think clearer, see the world better, have more energy, your joints will improve.

Juicing helps you look after your “insides”

Other vegetable juicing health benefits include:

Vegetables are a key towards getting healthy and living longer.

Cooking food destroys some of the key micronutrients in vegetables but juicing gives you raw, live nutrients from the juice

It is an opportunity for me to consume more vegetables via juice than I would normally eat

Helps to detoxify the body. A juice detox helped me kickstart my weight loss but I do prefer to mix juicing with a main meal rather than a whole day of juicing

Supports the liver, helps with sleep issues, decreases body odour

Great to support anti-aging

An opportunity to increase the number of nutrients and live enzeymes at a much higher density than you can with a smoothie, meaning it is digested more efficiently and quickly

A great way for us 40 plus guys and gals to improve our health as we hit middle-age

An opportunity to try new vegetables that you wouldn’t normally eat

Something to remember : When you take up vegetable juicing it is important to drink plenty of water too because it aids in the detoxification process.

I add water to my juices because they can be very strong to taste, not so much now I am used to them, but at the beginning when my body was full of sugar ladened food they were hard to swallow.

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