Juicing pineapple broccoli cabbage lemon

Today I am juicing pineapple, broccoli, cabbage, apple, and lemon.

I have really taken to pineapple in my juices after reading about in my Facebook stream. It seemed as if everyone was using pineapple rather than an apple to juice so I decided to do the same.

This is a VERY green juice.

The smell from the broccoli and cabbage is pungent and extra green smelling. I needed pineapple and apple in this one as well as the lemon because it was so undrinkable without it.

Health benefits of juicing pineapple 

Pineapple contains Bromelain, which is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It aids digestion, contains vitamins A, C and B6 along with copper, iron, calcium, potassium, folate and Thiamin.

The vitamin B6 can help with stablising your body’s blood sugar and it plays a role in helping blood sugar convert to energy.
juicing pineapple
Juicing pineapple (or any fruit) should only be done as a “sweetener” for your vegetable juice because of the amount of natural sugar it pushes into your body. You need to be careful not to consume too much pineapple as it can lead to diarrhea.

Health benefits of juicing cabbage

Like pineapple, cabbage is also an anti-inflammatory (and that will matter to you if you need to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet) and blood-sugar regulator.

It is high in sulfur which makes it great for beauty/skin.

Cabbage contains vitamin K and anthocyanins – both of which help us with mental function and concentration

As with most of the vegetables you juice they help to detoxify the body and cabbage is no different.

Apparently, cabbage is great for helping hangovers from heavy drinking.


At some point I will create a page and put up the health benefits of all the different vegetables I use. Right now you will find them mentioned in the different juicing recipes I have been putting together.


I have called this recipe PineAbbage Juice

I have not been able to buy organic pineapples.

  • 1/4  piece of pineapple (vary according to your taste – best to add less and then increase it)
  • 1 apple
  • half organic seasonal cabbage
  • half lemon (with skin if organic and without skin if not)

Juice all ingredients and add water if it is too strong (green) to taste.

I bought last weeks batch of vegetables from Tesco.

Have to admit I was a little bit disappointed with their limited range of organic vegetables.  Some of the stuff I ordered as organic was delivered and substituted with the non-organic range.

I know I can refuse it at the door and they are great at letting you know about the substitute but I don’t drive so if I send it back I am without vegetables to juice.


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