Juicing vs blending – the difference

If you have ever wanted to know the difference between juicing vs blending then you will find the diagram below really helpful. It has been put together by Joe Cross of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead fame.

He is educating the world on the positive effects of juicing.

Two things that stand out for me:

1. You get to consume far more in the juicing vs blending conversation. That means you drink more and you receive far more nutrient wise.

2. One of the main purposes of juicing is to give your digestion a rest. Juicing removes insoluble fiber (pulp), which remains when you are blending. The benefit of that is you are fuller for longer but your digestive system does need to process it, so it is not getting the desired “rest” you wanted it to have and that it gets through juicing.

Juicing Vs Blending

Reboot with Joe: Juicing vs Blending Infographic

I recently enjoyed blending using a Nutribullet. I took photos and will add that next. It was certainly tasty and filling but for me it has to be juicing because I love it.

Enough though people say juicing does not keep them full for very long I am finding the longer I juice for the more satisfied I feel.
I know when I first started I thought about food as soon as the last drop of juice left my mouth but now I can go for 2-3 hours without any problems.

I guess that is what you would call progress.

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