How much juicing should you drink every day

Are you interested in learning how much juicing you should do each day? Well I was curious myself and went in search of the answer. I also wanted to know if there is such a thing as too much if you are juicing for weight loss?

Turns out the answer differed slightly depending on what I was reading but the majority of juicing bloggers out there.

In the end this is what I settled on as great advice for how much juicing to drink in one day:

  1. Get yourself a glass bottle or container that is 500 ml (best not to use plastic bottles) or 20-30 ounces
  2. The more you juice the better. You do not have to restrict yourself after all you are drinking vegetables and its good for you. Don’t go hungry. Unlike a diet where you have to restrict yourself if you are juicing all day for a detox the more juice you drink the better the result.
  3. On average stick to 4-6 glasses of juice a day and remember less is never better when it comes to juicing. Learning to listen to what you body is telling you is crucial on this journey. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to juicing.We must all learn to live by the adage “know thyself” and figure a correct amount out for ourselves.
  4. Drink water while juicing. Sometimes I read you should drink one glass for every glass of juice that you drink and sometimes people just said to keep up with your normal 2-3 litres of water a day.
  5. Remember that vegetable juicing is the best with fruit used only as a sweetener (an apple, some pineapple or a pear – one of those not all 3 in one glass 🙂 )

Those recommendations are for people who are on a juice cleanse, which means you are drinking nothing but juice all day every day for 3 days and over.

The water will help with the cleansing process as well as keeping you hydrated so it is important. Otherwise your body may just decide to hang on to all that yucky stuff inside.

So cleanse yourself clean using vegetable juicing and water was the message I got from it all.

At this point in my juicing journey I haven’t managed to complete a whole day. I juice twice to replace breakfast and lunch then eat my evening meal.

I think that will change now though because I can drink more of it. Juice three times before my main meal and maybe once in the evening if I am hungry. Hopefully that will help me eat less in my evening meal.

Daily Juicing

Here’s a great video on the same topic – how much juicing to do in a day.

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