Juicing with the Oscar Vitalmax Juicer 900

I think I have mentioned a few times that I don’t like my Urom vegetable juicer.

Well, there I was sat watching the World Cup with my brother and his girlfriend when the subject of juicing came up.

Long story short… we took a look at Amazon and I selected the Oscar Vitalmix Juicer 900 as the best juicer he could buy his girlfriend and while he was on there he bought one for me too 😀

Big smiley face 😀

It is amazingly quiet. Wonderfully quiet in fact. It doesn’t freak the cat out when it starts up.

The juice tastes amazing. I can actually taste each ingredient as I drink.

If I am completely honest I was getting held back by the amount of time it took to juice with the Urom. Not so much the juicing itself but the cleaning up process.

It was really putting me off and I wasn’t juicing as much as I have been in the past. Now though that will change.

Now I have a super quiet, super fast, super tasting Oscar Vitalmax juicing machine I can get back to it.

Big plus is that it takes two minutes to clean, which is much better than the 20 minutes it took to clean my other one.

The only small bug bear is the fact I have to cut everything into tiny pieces. I really just want to shove it all in and have juice come out the other end.

Buy A Masticating Juicer

The Oscar Vitalmix Juicer 900 is a masticating juicer which means it “chews” the veg you put in and extracts more of the juice and it has a higher nutrient content.

Masticating juicers use mechanisms that slowly ‘chew’ your vegetables, thereby conserving the nutrients that are lost in faster, hotter machines. Other types of juicers will destroy important enzymes that you want to retain in your vegetables and fruit, especially if you will be juicing for your children and their health.

Masticating juicers usually offer extra features and this one makes soup, pasta and rice noodles as well as sorbet. It calls itself a raw food kitchen.

Not sure if I will do any more than juice with it but we will see.

Being able to make soup might help me continue using the juicer in the winter when traditionally I put it away and never touch it again until the sun shines.

HUGE plus of the Oscar Vitalmix Juicer 900 is the quality. The motor is guaranteed for 20 years!!!

Buy The Oscar Vitalmax Juicer 900

You can buy the Oscar Vitalmax Juicer 900 on Amazon UK – I have the chrome which is an extra £20 just for that. It is also available in black.

If you want a juicer that will let you just add the fruit without having to cut it up then take a look at the juicers below. They are all masticating juicers and for me a juicer made by chef Heston Blumenthal would be my choice.


Important notice. I am an affiliate for Amazon. Please check out my affiliate earner disclaimer page


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