Carrot and courgette juicing recipe

Today, I made a simple juice because I had loads of carrots to use up and not much else. Time to go organic vegetable shopping. This carrot and courgette juicing recipe is packed full of greatness and goodness.

I guess all vegetable juices are packed full of goodness.

I have started to strain my juices. I just find there is a huge amount of pulp in them and I really don’t like it. Once strained they are much more pleasant to drink. I am not impressed with this urom juicer at all to be honest.

I do wonder about the nutrients I am leaving behind when I do that though. As you can see from the image below quite a bit of the carrot pulp is removed from the drink.

Carrot and Courgette juicing recipe

Here are the ingredients

  • 5-6 organic carrots
  • 1 medium sized organic courgette
  • 1 organic apple

I also added a tiny bit of ginger into this juice to give it a bit of a kick

juicing carrot and courgette

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