Healthy Lunch – Sardines

I enjoyed a healthy lunch today – sardines. My favourite Brunswick Sardines with hot peppers. As you can see from the photo I ate it with an egg, two sticks of celery, around half a cucumber and some avocado.

It was actually quite filling which is amazing. I put that down to all the juicing I have been doing. It really has helped to curb my appetite and help me eat less.

Health benefits of sardines

Sardines are one of the healthiest foods available. As mine are kept in a tin I am not sure how unhealthy that makes it.

If you need to consume more vitamin D sardines are the way to go because we can’t always rely on the sun. They also provide vitamin B12 which is a great vitamin for women.

It is an oily fish and that makes it one of the better types to eat – contains omega 3

If you are freaked out about mercury and fish (which is why buying wild fish is best) then I have read that sardines contain lower levels of the stuff. Not great to think I might be eating it at all but what’s a girl to do…



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