Stocked Up With Sainsbury’s SO

I am a happy bunny. Shopping has arrived for another five days of my juice cleanse and it should be enough to juice twice a day. I love and always buy the Sainsbury’s (SO) Organic range. Not only because I can get it delivered (I don’t own a car right now) but also because the quality is amazing.

I have tried Asda organic and Tesco organic food and its okay. For me Sainsbury’s is on par with places like Riverford and Able & Cole.

Their fruit and veg arrives fresh, crisp and lovely to eat.

The kids notice the difference between their stuff and the stuff we buy from our local co-op express which frankly (in my humble opinion) is shit.

I will be in London all next week from the 14th June and unable to juice so this week I am doing a detox week.

Cucumber, celery, carrot, ginger, apple and mint. Sometimes with Lemon too but lemon will mainly be drunk with warm water.

In this shop I also added beetroot, broccoli, avocado and Courgettes


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