Middle Of The Road

Roger McDonald lived his life with a clear understanding that nothing came from complaining about how bad life can be.

Every morning he opened his carpet shop, one of four he owned, and greeted his customers not so much with a “can do” attitude but not with a “can’t do” one either.

Roger’s life was middle of the road.

‘How are you this morning Mr McDonald?’ his customers would ask

‘Can’t complain,’ he would reply with a smile on his face. He loved his can’t complain life and was sure it was the best it could ever be.

One Thursday afternoon Roger set about tidying the carpet samples.

They were always left in a mountainous multi-coloured heap of polyester fibre by eager customers looking for their ideal shade.

His ears were drawn to a voice in the distance. Roger listened as a divine sounding goddess told the couple she was speaking with that she was, ‘better than can be expected.’

Roger was speechless. Speechless and totally bowled over. Here was a woman who not only decided not to complain but she took it one step further by daring to imagine that her lot in life was actually better than she had anticipated it to be.

Roger was smitten.

This woman was on a whole other level and her words had dared him to dream that he could actually do better.

As he stood there stacking the shag carpet samples up into piles he felt compelled to hear those words again and to meet the woman who spoke them.

‘How is your day going?’ he asked in the hope of inducing her into repeating her phrase.

She looked up at him, smiled, and said, ‘Better than can be expected.’

Roger asked her out that day, and the day after that, and the day after that.

In fact two months later they were engaged and six months after that they married.

His life had become ‘better than can be expected,’ and he told everybody so every day.

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