Wild Country Organics Mint

On my way home from West Hampstead to Luton on Saturday I stopped at the small market just outside West Hampstead station. There I found the Wild Country Organics range. Fresh veg available to buy.

They had run out of spinach so I picked up some chard (which is just in season), cucumbers (the usual one and the funny looking one) and a bag of mint.

Health benefits of chard

Chard is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K plus iron, and minerals like potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorus and calcium

It contains nutrients that have disease preventing properties. As I am not medically trained I won’t mention any. You will have to search and check it out yourself.

Low in fat and calories it has been shown to help with weight loss… but then all green vegetables do that I suppose.

Health benefits of mint

Mint has always been used to aid digestion and to help with stomach aches. Along with ginger it is a great natural remedy if you feel sick.

One great reason for using mint if you are on a health eating (weight loss) journey like me is that it stimulates the digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food and it consumes fat turning it into usable energy (rather than it sitting on our hips).

I had never thought about using mint in my juices but now I have read up about it I will have to make it a regular part of what I drink.

The total came to over £7 which was a little bit of a shock price wise but we are in West Hampstead darling…

Another reason to start growing my own I guess. If I am ever so inclined.

Seriously though, taking into account the way they grow their vegetables and the love and care that goes into producing them they are worth every penny.

wild country organics vegetables

You can find them on Facebook Wild Country Organics


Minty Greens – Juicing Recipe

I took everything I had, added an apple and made myself three juices out of everything I had bought.

I called this one minty green. I added quite a bit of mint into it. Very refreshing…





and a handful of mint

Run everything through your juicer and enjoy…

juicing for health

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