Cucumber Cooler – Juicing Recipe

Today’s juice is all cucumber with a little bit of ginger for extra kick. You might want to include celery but I keep it all cucumber. It is refreshing and best of all the cucumber cooler is good for you.

Health benefits of cucumber

Because they are full of vitamin B they make a great pick me up (much better than a biscuit or a cup of coffee) and it is refreshing too.

They contain fiber which is great for clearing us out.

Low in calories of course – as is most vegetables I guess.

Because cucumbers are mainly water (95% apparently) they give your body the water hydration it needs. Drinking water isn’t the only way to get water – you can eat it too… or juice it of course.

We all know about cucumber on the eyes. Its anti-inflammatory properties are great for the skin.

Whenever you seek out a detoxifying juice then cucumbers are top of the list. They are great for a full body detox.


Anyway. Needless to say that the cucumber is really great and I hope you enjoy drinking a cucumber cooler every now and again.

Cucumber Cooler

2 large organic cucumbers

piece of ginger

Place in your juicer and drink. Delis

cucumber cooler


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