How I use organic lemon and water

Lemon infused with warm water is one of my favourite drinks at any time of the day. It is an important part of my juice cleanse. This is how I use wax free organic lemon and water:

In the morning

First thing in the morning I put the kettle on and when I think it is hot enough I add some water to a few slices of lemon in my mug.

I try to drink two mugs of lemon and water before I eat anything.

I leave it at least 30 minutes before eating.

Whenever I am hungry

If I am hungry and want something to curb my hunger while I am cooking then I drink lemon and water.

During the day

Sometimes I might have a cold glass of water with some lemon juice squeezed in.

At the end of the day

Last thing at night I like to drink a warm drink and it will usually be this lemon water.

I have been drinking lemon and water for years. Not every single day. Its an on again off again kind of relationship but I do love it.

Organic lemon

As I leave the skin on when I make this drink I do buy organic lemon. The pesticides found in the skin of fruit and vegetables are not good for us. If I have to buy and use a regular lemon I never let it sit in the water like I do when I use an organic one.

So why do I use lemon and lukewarm water…

  • Because it aids digestion and encourages my liver to produce bile. Bile helps my food digest well.
  • They are high in minerals and vitamins
  • Helps to hydrate my lymph system. It is the lymphatic system that does the job of helping our body get rid of stuff that shouldn’t be there. Materials, unwanted toxins and stuff.
  • I balances my pH levels and are a great alkalising food
  • Lemons are a diuretic helping me flush out unwanted toxins
  • The vitamin C in lemon helps me maintain good health and promotes healing (if I cut myself)
  • Supports my immune system
  • Helps me fight my hunger pangs and cravings. One mug of this stuff and I am satisfied until I can eat.
  • All that clearing out of toxins I mentioned above means my skin is clearer and looks great


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