Healthy Lunch: Kidney and spinach

A great way to enjoy red meat is to eat offal. I am not a fan to be honest but I eat it because I know it is good for me.

Liver, kidneys, tripe (yuck – that one is a childhood nightmare I leave alone), brain and tongue are all parts of an animal that are lean, high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals. Plus they are also cheap to buy.

Today’s lunch is lamb kidney which is mild compared to other kidney.

Kidney is as high in protein as steak.

It also contains the recommended daily allowance of iron that us women need.

You can also buy beef and pig kidney. Beef kidney is meant to be leaner than a fillet steak. I find it too strong for my taste

Healthy Lunch: Kidney and spinach

I buy my meat from my local halal butcher and it cost just £1.50 for 4 kidneys

If I ate more of it I would opt for organic meat but I have never found organic kidney. Not saying it doesn’t exist. Just saying I haven’t searched for it.

I added spinach, onion and green pepper.

I fry it all in coconut oil and serve with something “live” rather than cooked. Today it was plum tomatoes.

One thought on “Healthy Lunch: Kidney and spinach

  1. THIS IS A PHOTO OF MY JUICE. On Monday I am going to try this recipe but am going to use chicken breast instead and much more spinache.
    This blog has encouraged my to eat healthy.


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