Healthy Desserts: Blueberries, raspberries and yogurt

Despite really wanting some apple pie and cream I do my best to think about healthy desserts that are better for me.

Because I am doing my best to reduce the amount of sugar I eat my fruit consumption is limited to two pieces a day. I read that despite fruit containing good sugar it is still sugar.

I am not sure what to make of that to be honest. It is getting to a point where nothing is good for us. Still, for now, I stick to my two pieces a day, which can sometimes be used up when juicing.

When I do eat fruit I do my best to eat berries, blueberries mainly but any of them from the berry family. Although I am not a fan of strawberries.

I also top them with natural yoghurt (Yeo Valley is my favourite).

Sometimes I sprinkle nuts and seeds on top. Other times I might squeeze some lemon juice over it (organic lemon of course).

Today, I enjoyed one of my favourite healthy desserts that includes a blueberries, raspberries and yogurt combo… yummy.

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