Cleansing Clearer Juice

This is my cleansing clearer juice. It is an important part of my juice cleanse because it cleans me out – leaving me clearer than I was before I drank it.

In this vegetable juicing recipe I include a few of the diuretics like celery, lemon, apple, and carrot.

The only one I missed out here is cucumber so you can add that too if you like.

I add water to this one. I don’t always add water but as I am using it to help clear me out I find it helps the process.

Cleansing Clearer Juice Ingredients


Celery (4-5 stalks)

Carrot (3 or 4)

1 apple

hunk of ginger and unwaxed lemon

All organic. Juice and drink.
cleansing clearer juice - vegetable juicing