Green Goddess Goodness Juice Recipe

I have two green juices that I refer to as green goddesses. They are both important parts of my juice cleanse.

The first one contains Chlorella Powder and this one contains lime juice and ginger.

Health benefits of limes

Lime aids our digestion. Firstly the smell gets the saliva going in our mouth which is the start of digesting (salvia/chewing). The acidity present in lime then breaks down the food (or in this case juice) in our stomach. While in our stomach the digestive system is stimulated and we secrete the biles, juices and acids needed to break everything down. Basically lime helps us digestive system do its job quickly and efficiently.

Lime helps the detoxification of our bodies and is wonderful natural cure for constipation as they contain a large amount of soluble fibre.

The citric acid in lime is an excellent fat burner so it is great in warm water in the morning. While I mainly drink lemon (because I can’t find unwaxed organic limes… yet) the two together make a powerful morning and late night drink for the body.

Green Goddess Goodness

1 Green apple

1 Lime with skin on (sometimes I peel the skin as I can’t find organic limes)

3 celery stalks

bunch of broccoli


half a cucumber


Optional – Pineapple



green goddess goodness juicing

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