Healthy breakfast: Eggs and avocado

The point of my healthy eating regime is to eat more protein, especially in the mornings, so this morning I had eggs and avocado with plum tomatoes.

Usually my breakfast consisted of carbs and/or sugar. Things like cereal with sugar, weetabix, rice krispies, cornflakes. It was all carbs with sugar. Sometimes I would eat crumpets with butter or bread.

I ate a very high carb diet and now I am more focused on getting my carbs from vegetables and eating protein.

Why eat protein for breakfast?

Experts at the University of Missouri have found that a breakfast rich in protein significantly improves appetite control and reduces unhealthy snacking on high-fat or high-sugar foods in the evening. Read more

Eating protein seems to keep us fuller for longer. Of course choosing healthy lean meat is important I read and I still indulge in eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Instead of bread I have spinach and mushrooms plus tomatoes. Most times I skip the beans but not always.

Still, it is nice to eat a sort of traditional English.

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