Healthy Breakfast: Rainbow Trout Fillet with spinach

Today’s healthy breakfast is Rainbow Trout Fillet with spinach. I love fish in the morning. I also love spinach with my breakfast.

I fried (in coconut oil) half a red pepper and mushroom

I cooked the Rainbow Trout (which isn’t wild fish unfortunately) in the oven as per the instructions.

I put the spinach into hot previously boiled water and left it in for a couple of minutes only.

I also drink the spinach water so I don’t miss out on any essential nutrients lost in the heating process. I have no idea if I gain anything from doing that but I do it just in case.

Nice simple and quick healthy breakfast. The most time it takes is to cook the Rainbow Trout (or whatever fish you choose to use) but to be fair by the time I chop the veg and fry it I am not really waiting that long.

This could also make a lovely healthy lunch too. Add a side salad and that gives you even more to enjoy.

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