Why I choose to juice organic vegetables

I was shocked. When I read about the pesticides and harmful chemicals used to grow our vegetables and fruit. It was the reason I decided to (mainly) juice organic vegetables and fruit.

There are times when I run out of something and pop to the local corner shop to stock up.

It can’t be helped as I don’t drive and can’t get to a larger supermarket.

On the whole though, through my weekly shop at Sainsbury’s, I stick to their organic range.

I decided my health needed it.

Three of the main pesticides including Aldicarb, carbendazim and vinclozolin. Click here to read a report written by Friends of the Earth.

Under the skin

Under the skin of a vegetable are a ton of micronutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that does our body the world of good. If I have to shed the skin to avoid the pesticides then I lose out on how much good comes from eating or juicing a vegetable. So I opted to juice organic vegetables and fruit.

Organic vegetables also taste better and the colour is far more intense. Juice organic carrots and they come out lovely and orange. Juice regular shopped bought carrots and they are a lighter shade of light orange!

Cost Increase

Do I pay more to buy organic vegetables? Hell yes…

How do I afford it?

If I am on a budget one week then I won’t buy stuff like crisps and biscuits. I have kids so I still buy them but not as much as I used to.

I stopped buying other products that no longer serve my body (like crumpets, donuts, ice cream and other favourites of mine) and now I buy and juice organic vegetables.

Avoid GM vegetables

Another big plus of buying organic vegetables is you avoid genetically modified vegetables.

Those that look exactly the same shape and colour. When you buy organic what you get instead are carrots or apples that may be different in shape and size but that are naturally grown, without pesticides and that taste real yummy.

Savour the taste

If you have been buying supermarket vegetables and notice they have very little taste come over to the organic side and taste the difference.

When you start juicing organic vegetables and you love the increase in flavour you won’t ever want anything else. I promise you that much.

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