Saturday Shelfie – Flash The International Short-Short Story Magazine

In reply to Cultured Life’s Saturday Shelfie (love that name!) I thought I would share what I have been reading all day today.

It is a magazine (more like a book to me) published by the University of Chester called Flash, The International Short-Short Story Magazine. I am reading the October 2013 edition (again) because I love a number of the stories included in it.

I enjoy reading this selection of very short stories.

Some of the stories are so out there for me that it reminds me to jump out of my box a little bit and experiment with “alternative” storytelling.

Like the story “insect” by Ian Seed in which the author describes how he is walking in the snow and sees a family watching TV, they are watching him on TV dragging his crushed leg. The younger daughter is crying because it reminded her of an insect.

That to me is an out of the box story.

I also enjoyed the not-so-out-of-the-box-but-not-far-off-it story called Roll-Call by Kevin Tosca with characters C and Z (yes, that is their name!) in which a couple are following her monthly cycle so they know exactly when to have sex.

Finally, Kirk and Caitlyn – a story of two 12 year olds who walk into a shop to buy balloons and when they find they have no money decide to try to leave without paying. Once caught they are told to complete community service. There is a brilliant line in this story that I love, which called life (and living) “a dirty struggle that needed getting through with as little embarrassment as possible.”

I guess as I write memoirs my stories are events that follow a straight road. I would love to write a very short story that is what I would call “alternative” like the ones mentioned above but I think I am blindsided by the fact that I think in a pretty linear fashion.

One day I may submit my own story to Flash and hope it is not too ordinary to live among the alternatives.

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