The un-normal ones

Jenny was young and easily influenced by what people may say about the things she did and the way she dressed.

She often wondered why she never fit in and her brothers teased her about not being normal, un-normal they called her, because of the way she behaved.

They reminded her that not being normal at high school was a major sin, one punishable by years of teasing, lack of friends and weekends spent at home with nothing to do.

She dreaded that.

Being alone and not being normal was more than poor Jenny could bare so she decided to blend in with the teenage crowd she found herself mixing with.

A few months into high school and Jenny is miserable, she longs to wear red trousers or grow dreads. She dreams about screaming when people whisper, she wants to turn left when they say let’s go right. She watches those who have dared to be different and feels envy.

As her desire to break out form conformity builds she makes friends with a “different” boy who wears makeup and an “unusual looking” girl who wears all black except full burgundy glittering lips.

They share the secret to breaking free. They tell her if she wants to break free from the bonds of what other people say she must first break free from her own limits.

She makes the decision to start.

Her family hardly notice the conversion at first.

An usual headband around her hair one day, short bright checkered trousers another. Her makeup became brighter and bolder around the eyes and darker around the lips.

Through all of this Jenny has no idea who she is trying to become and she sees that as part of the fun. She is being no one, except herself.

It took six months for the transformation to take place. Her “normal” friends complained about her lack of conformity and then slowly, but surely, they stopped calling her and they no longer wanted to hang out.

She picked up new friends along the way; other un-normal ones who refused to conform, and enjoyed the experience of true freedom.

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