About turn

He leaves her and she begs him to stay. He goes off in search of fun and greener grass. He has spent more than 13 years chained to the one woman and he’s entitled, so he believes. He has a shit time of it.

The grass turned out to be more light brown than green. The women desperate to take what he has, showing no interest in his life or his kids and the whole thing seems superficial and more like hard work than he had ever imagined.

He’s back and he’s sorry. She has had the best time. Dating younger guys and enjoying new experiences.

Despite the fear and worry of living life without him she has not only managed but she has thrived. Why would she want him back?


About Turn

It is always hard when you think you want something, go for it, and find that actually it is not working out the way you hoped. Then you try and get back in with the people or person you left behind and they find, despite believing otherwise, that they are actually having more fun without you than they had with you. Life’s a bitch.

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