Get in between us

‘I saw it on The Inbetweeners,’ I explained, ‘it’s hilarious.’ I handed her phone back to her and it rang instantly. We looked at each other and started laughing.

‘Don’t answer it,’ I told her. ‘Not yet, anyway. You have to let me send him a couple more first.’

The next text message was more explicit. It told him how desperate she was to give him another blowjob and to eat his KFC, which we all knew was a euphemism for something completely different. The phone rang again and we fell about laughing. ‘He must be so horny for you right now,’ I joked. We let it go to voicemail, but no message was left.

One more text message and that’s it, we agreed. We had seen a photo of him in his bedroom on Facebook. This time the language was not only sexual but it described what we wanted to do to him on his purple bedspread with pink matching cushions – just the two of us girls and him. We mentioned how much we each loved his grey and purple curtains and wanted to do all kinds of nasty stuff up against his lovely sash windows.

Within a few seconds the phone rang and in fits of laughter we answered. Jerry was a great laugh and we knew he wouldn’t mind us messing about with him.

‘This is Jerry’s wife,’ the hysterical woman at the other end screamed. ‘Who the fuck is this?’

We hung up.

This flash fiction story  – Get in between us – has been taken from my book The Last Hut

Get your copy of my book here –

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